The Story

The purpose of "The Edge" has been to present information (mainly in the format discographies) on a number of musicians / artists that we view as making important contributions to the world of music, in "specific"; the world of art, in "general"; the world as a "whole".

When "The Edge" was first conceived we believed some sort of statement, about these people, was required. The feeling was that with the vast amounts of talent and innovation, represented by these artists, more people needed to be made aware of them. Unfortunately we do not feel we have the required talent to present discourses that are equal to the task of properly reflecting the inspiration that these artists' productions contain. It was decided that we would therefore present simple discographies of their works. This was done in the hopes that people would seek out or stumble upon this information and then find a kernel of interest had been created. They may then go on to seek out and experience the music these artists present.

There is no question that "The Edge" presents a rather eclectic and in many eyes "strange" cross-section of the musical realms. There is also no doubt that all of these artists may not appeal to all of the sites’ visitors. We do feel very strongly that all of those included here represent challenging approaches to their particular genre and each deserve the honest and open appraisal of your eyes and "souls". (A rather corny phrase to be sure, but very much the case.) We hope that at least some of the represented works strike a chord with you and that you will investigate the artist further.

This small section does not present all of the artists we feel are important. We have removed some artists as other sites grew up and made the information available in more expanded and interesting formats. We have added artists as we felt the need became apparent, through our own observations or via the requests of others. We have also maintained the discographies for some artists even though very impressive sites about them have arisen. These have remained because of the special interests in their works held by the presenters.

Some of the discographies included have grown into more complete presentations. We hope that in time, as interest is displayed and information acquired, more will be expanded.

To numerous of these artists we would like to extend our thanks for their support, interest and kind words and gestures. To all of these artists we would like to express our gratitude for the incredible music. To Bryn, in particular, we’d like to not only say thanks for the music but applaud him for his determination and belief in what he does. The planet would be a far greater place should all of us display this strength of dedication.

Because of these artists' drive to push the limits of musical expression and our own arrival at a rather "terrifying" precipice, "The Edge" was born. We hope that it continues to be of interest to the curious and the adventurous.

Our intent is to present what we feel are interesting and challenging alternatives to the mainstream.

We are always open to new and interesting ideas and look forward to hearing from more of you.

The Edge